The crazy person behind this website

JeneFire Designs

I’m normally a logical, methodical and analytical person. If you are familiar with astrological stereotypes, I’m your ‘typical’ Virgo. I don’t do crafty things — I work hard in my career, clean my house incessantly and do crossword puzzles! However, I recently unearthed a lot of creative fire and then one day; I simply decided I wanted to make jewelry. So, here I am — selling my handmade, one-of-a-kind treasures.

So what makes my jewelry unique?

Maybe it’s that I never went to a prestigious art school and I never took any design courses. My hypothesis is that I offer a fresh, uninhibited & uncriticized perspective. No teacher ever told me my technique was wrong to shake my confidence. Perhaps my fundamental antipathy to what’s current “in fashion” allows me to just be me.

For example, I primarily work with semi-precious gemstones as chip beads because in life, the most “irregular” things are the most beautiful to me. Growing up, the most beautiful girl I knew in school (the pretty one, in my opinion) had a bad burn scar on her face. People made fun of her, but I thought she was gorgeous! I choose natural stones that have not been dyed or refined into perfect little shapes because I’m not made of “ticky-tacky” and neither are you.

It could also be that every time I work with my tiger’s eye gemstones, a Pavlovian response kicks in, and I feel it’s necessary to sing “Eye of the Tiger” aloud whilst beading. 😉

Honestly, I don’t know what “sells” my work as something special or extraordinary because I believe every person has the potential to create. Even me… the reformed “Plain Jane” who once preferred toaster ovens and vacuum cleaners to what I deemed frivolous (like jewelry).